Servar Centre Ground Floor The Mall Road Lahore 54000

CAMP 100

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Features Basic functions Specications The casing color supports customization, trac yellow is standard. The drive mechanism and motor adopt high-negative load-bearing which runs stably. Adopt high-quality photoelectric isolation protection circuit to ensure signal integrity and strong interference resistance. The control board has an overcurrent protection function to prevent the motor from being blocked and causing damage to the circuit board or the motor, ensuring high reliability of the whole machine operation. The design of motor and reducer are integrated design, the transmission is stable, the noise is low, and the structure is compact. The boom direction can be changed around the left and right. Equipted with mechanical limit. Support loop detector, infrared radiation, pressure wave and digital check. Can be controlled by wireless remote control and wired control. Manually rise the boom after power failure. Optional Anti-smashing rubber strips There are rubber strips on the brakes to reduce the bruises caused by accidents. Speed and boom length optional 3 seconds(1 meter ≤ straight boom ≤ 4.5 meters) and 6 seconds (4.5 meters < straight boom ≤ 6meters). Boom type optional 6 seconds model optional fence boom, boom length is less than 4.5 meters.


Input power
rated power
Motor operating temperature (degrees Celsius)
Chassis weight
Protection level
Height of the center of the gate from the ground
Remote control distance
AC220/AC110 50/60HZ
-30℃ <C<80℃
≥ 30M